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Your Southern Wisconsin Realtors!

At Briggs Realty Group, Inc., every agent is thoroughly trained and dedicated to providing high quality service to purchasers and sellers. Our agents live within our market area and are ready to devote their attention to your particular real estate needs.

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Briggs Realty Group, Inc.

Mailing Address:
2522 E. Milwaukee Street
Janesville, WI 53545

Phone: (608) 755-5400
Fax: (608) 755-5401
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Sally Astin
 Email SallyAstin Contact Me  Text SallyAstin
Sally Astin
Phone: (608) 751-1238
Mobile Phone: (608) 751-1238
Adam Baumel
 Email AdamBaumel Contact Me  Text AdamBaumel
Adam Baumel
Phone: (608) 755-5400
Mobile Phone: (608) 201-3831
Adam Briggs
 Email AdamBriggs Contact Me  Text AdamBriggs
Adam Briggs
Phone: (608) 751-4412
Mobile Phone: (608) 751-4412
Kyle Chrostowski
 Email KyleChrostowski Contact Me  Text KyleChrostowski
Kyle Chrostowski
Phone: (608) 931-7866
Mobile Phone: (608) 931-7866
Elaine Dillon-Angelakis
 Email ElaineDillon-Angelakis Contact Me  Text ElaineDillon-Angelakis
Elaine Dillon-Angelakis
Phone: (608) 751-8469
Mobile Phone: (608) 751-8469
Jacob Downing
 Email JacobDowning Contact Me   
Jacob Downing
Phone: (608) 359-1663
Mobile Phone: (608) 359-1663
Patti Droessler
 Email PattiDroessler Contact Me  Text PattiDroessler
Patti Droessler
Phone: (608) 449-6304
Mobile Phone: (608) 449-6304
Kaye Fulton
 Email KayeFulton Contact Me  Text KayeFulton
Kaye Fulton
Phone: (608) 359-1484
Mobile Phone: (608) 359-1484
Suzette Hughes
 Email SuzetteHughes Contact Me  Text SuzetteHughes
Suzette Hughes
Phone: (608) 295-8988
Mobile Phone: (608) 295-8988
Bob Mack
 Email BobMack Contact Me  Text BobMack
Bob Mack
Phone: (608) 751-6478
Mobile Phone: (608) 751-6478
Kathryn McCulloch
 Email KathrynMcCulloch Contact Me  Text KathrynMcCulloch
Kathryn McCulloch
Phone: (608) 751-4326
Mobile Phone: (608) 751-4326
Erika Penny
 Email ErikaPenny Contact Me  Text ErikaPenny
Erika Penny
Phone: (608) 751-0009
Mobile Phone: (608) 751-0009
Verna Saladino
 Email VernaSaladino Contact Me  Text VernaSaladino
Verna Saladino
Phone: (608) 751-2760
Mobile Phone: (608) 751-2760
Mike Sessler
 Email MikeSessler Contact Me  Text MikeSessler
Mike Sessler
Phone: (608) 774-6487
Mobile Phone: (608) 774-6487
Bianca Singer
 Email BiancaSinger Contact Me  Text BiancaSinger
Bianca Singer
Phone: (608) 346-5530
Mobile Phone: (608) 346-5530
Gloria Singer
 Email GloriaSinger Contact Me   
Gloria Singer
Phone: (608) 201-0470
Mobile Phone: (608) 201-0470
Erik Skindingsrud
 Email ErikSkindingsrud Contact Me  Text ErikSkindingsrud
Erik Skindingsrud
Phone: (608) 314-6637
Mobile Phone: (608) 314-6637
Barb Smith
 Email BarbSmith Contact Me  Text BarbSmith
Barb Smith
Phone: (608) 295-8696
Mobile Phone: (608) 295-8696
Chad Sullivan
 Email ChadSullivan Contact Me   
Chad Sullivan
Phone: (608) 290-1044

Briggs Realty Group was formed for you! We have mastered the technology behind real estate sales and our commitment to you is to touch on all avenues possible to help you buy or sell a home! Briggs Realty Group has all of the tools available to help with all of your real estate needs. This has turned into a family tradition and we invite you to "Experience the Tradition"!


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Data last updated: 09/20/2017. Some properties which appear for sale on this website may have subsequently sold or may no longer be available.