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Buyers today have a number of ways to find a home including the following:

* A Realtor
* The Internet
* The Newspaper
* Home Magazines
* Yard Sign
* Word of Mouth
* Open Houses

THE INTERNET: Did you know that 4 out of every 5 buyers start their search for a home online? Because of that fact, The Briggs Realty Group has created a number of search engines to make your home available to everyone searching for a home; not only in the Rock County area, but literally, anywhere in the world. The following is a list of all of The Briggs Realty Group search sites available to the public and your home can be seen on all of them:


This is the #1 nationally searched real estate website and is one of our corporate accounts that allows us to provide information about your home across the world.


This is a public site that has been designed to generate information about homes for sale throughout the entire State of Wisconsin.


We compile a Visual Tour of your property and then post this tour on many websites.  This also posts your property on the following sites:  Google, Yahoo, Craigslist, Facebook,,,,,,


Visit our fan page!  When you list your home for sale, the Visual Tour will be placed on our fan page.  You will have to ability to share the tour with your friends if you wish. 


The Janesville Gazette is our local online newspaper, showing all of the Company Listings and the Briggs Realty Group as the provider. 


 With this site we have now taken your home and turned it into its own individual website. Just simply type in your address and you are instantly directed to your home and your home only. It’s like having an open house 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This site offers all of the same options and information as the other sites, with the only difference being, this site is entirely yours. This way, a buyer’s focus is only on your property and no one else’s.


Welcome to BRG360. Simply put, this is a 24 hour a day virtual tour of the entire Briggs Realty Group inventory. It enables interested individuals to see your home in a panoramic 360 degree presentation….. Including both the interior and exterior. 


This site gives a weekly accounting of all Open House schedules and times planned for the upcoming weekend.


With the changes in the housing market in recent months, the Briggs Realty Group felt that it was prudent to educate people on the different ways to purchase a home beyond the conventional methods that we are all so use too.  Because of the recent changes in the lending habits of our financial institutions, other options are available and this site addresses very specifically what they are.



Buyers are a lot of times as interested in obtaining information about a community as they are a specific home. This site enables anyone new to the area to have the ability to have a list of recommended service provider.


This is our Company website, which allows a potential buyer to review our entire inventory without the involvement of a Realtor; yet they have the ability to do so if they so desire. The check in options on this site allows anyone viewing to do the following: Sign in, set up a showing, lender and mortgage information, a calculator and the ability to get pre-approval…. just to mention a few.



OUR IDX SYSTEM is the company Internet Data Exchange and allows the Briggs Realty Group to link to all other real estate companies’ data base. In other words, even though you are not a part of another company’s inventory, your property is still made available via this link for viewing.

These sites were also designed to be user friendly and offer all of the same information that can be found on our search sites. We choose to be a part of these sites to help best serve our Clients and Customers with their selling and buying needs. The Briggs Realty Group acknowledges that the more your home can be seen, the greater the chances are a buyer looking for your home is going to find it through us.

Our Company sends out a weekly report showing a tracking of website activity that allows you to see firsthand how many viewings your home has had. We also have the ability to decipher how many people not only viewed your home, but who actually takes the time to watch your own personal visual tour.

Again, each of these sites offers a number of informational sections that will not only highlight your home, but it is also designed to be user friendly for all potential buyers. The following is a review of all options provided with these sites:

* A complete Property Description
* Open House (times and dates)
* A Visual Tour of your home
* Still photos of your home
* Showing information (to see your home)
* Mapping System (for easy finding)
* A Mortgage Calculator (to figure out your payment schedule)
* School locations
* Community Reports


The Briggs Realty Group is not only an active member of our local MLS (Rock Green Realtors Association), but is also a member Wirex.  What does that mean to you? It means that your home is available in coverage to all Realtors and Affiliates in all of the counties, from just south of La Crosse to as far east as Lake Michigan and to northern Wisconsin.



The Briggs Realty Group understands that in today’s market place, every home has its own unique set of challenges and as a company; we want all of our clients and customers to know that we will use every tool available to market your home successfully. Be it the newspapers, internet, home magazines, open houses etc., please be assured with 100% certainty, we will fulfill your real estate needs. The Briggs Realty Group was founded on the principles of Commitment and Trust and there is nothing more rewarding when a home sells, than hearing the words, “a job well done”.      


There are a lot of resources available to buyers and sellers these days and wouldn’t it be nice to know that you are truly “Experiencing the Tradition.” Briggs Realty Group is a team of highly trained real estate professionals who will take full control of all your marketing needs by using the most updated resources available in today’s competitive real estate market.

We do look forward to working together with you in the future and we thank you for trusting the Briggs Realty Group with your real estate needs!


Briggs Realty Group, Inc.



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Briggs Realty Group was formed for you! We have mastered the technology behind real estate sales and our commitment to you is to touch on all avenues possible to help you buy or sell a home! Briggs Realty Group has all of the tools available to help with all of your real estate needs. This has turned into a family tradition and we invite you to "Experience the Tradition"!


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Data last updated: 09/20/2017. Some properties which appear for sale on this website may have subsequently sold or may no longer be available.